sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2017

Incredible things Germans do when biking

First of all, most of the things here are no recommendable, although pretty awesome, they are also dangerous.
One time a girl biking in front of me on a busy street dropped her purse and we almost had an accident, luckly I always keep a big distance.
After the shock I screamed a bit at her and follow my path.
Yesterday I biked for the first time from my house to the main station of Munich, something around 6 kilometers away, I realized I need to buy me a helmet.
All my daily experience biking made me thing about the following drawing:

terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

Happy End

Just I quick update.
Now I live happily with my boyfriend and a fluffy-cute toilet paper.

quinta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2017

The first thing I'm gonna buy when I move to a flat alone with my boyfriend

The first thing I'm gonna buy when I move to a flat alone with my boyfriend, and not share with other 3 people, is a package of this very expensive-fluffy-ocean scented toilet paper.
When other people, that you are not related, are also using what you buy I don't see a point in expending money with nice stuff, even if it means cleaning myself with recycled toilet paper.
The same applies to other items in the household.

terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2017

I guess we are not kids anymore

With life expectancy reaching 100 years old we are taking longer to become adults. The thirties are the new twenties and we try, hopelessly, to hold on to our last moments as "teens." I am totally gilt of doing that.

The "oh-my-God-I-am-old" moment came with my 30th birthday, not only because this number is emblematic for women, but also because from this moment on you are obligated to contribute as a "grown-up." I was in the middle of my masters degree in Germany, looking for an internship, and one of the perks of being a student was the cheaper insurance and the free-of-charge bank account. But that was only until the twenties were over, after that my insurance doubled and my bank was not so nice anymore.

"oh that's cool, now you should start acting like an adult, even if you cannot find a job, you have to pay the grown-up's fee."

Probably I will have to work until 95 before I can retire, being optimistic, but still it is expected that I enter the adults life, suddenly, with terrible welcome presents.

And don't let me even start to narrate other people's opinion about my biological clock.

quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2017

How could I collect that many things?

I lived almost my whole life in São Paulo, in the same house for 28 years before moving to Germany, what alone would be enough to help me accumulate a lot of possessions, but it is intensified by five years working with fashion; it made me collect quite a lot of stuff: clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I also like japanese culture and all that comes with it, so books, magazines, dolls, toys, are all part of the things I love...
So I think it is easy to imagine how my room, and house were!
When I decided to study at the University of Heidelberg, I realized I would have to set a lot of my things free. I would not be able to bring too many things because I didn't have a place yet to stay and I knew I would have to carry my things up and down the city.
My goal, when openning my closet was clear, to make money out of it, so I loaded my Facebook page and blog with my precious things.
Funny fact is, before deciding to move, my requirements when tidying up my belongings were pretty different than the ones before traveling.

So here is more or less how I made my decision:

( Make up was not included because I was never addicted to that, I use the same eye shadow collection since 2011, same with perfum, always Bombshell or Funny da Moschino)

So in 2013 I donated or sold like 40 % of my belongings, I must confess the worst part was let my books and toys go, but I am sure they have new homes. I also got new ones in Germany, I finally got a Monchchichi to call mine!

Now I am moving again after 3 years living in the same room, and one more time a big challenge! I don't have as many things as before coming here, but I have now kitchen paraphernalia and other important things like a fan!

I tried to use Konmari's method, what makes me happy stay, but my question was:

I also checked some videos online about minimalism and organization, and I decided to combine everything: what makes me really happy, less is more, and to keep just one representative of the things I love, for example from my childhood I kept my Tiger from Disney, from my nerdy past my collection of Sailor Moon, from Hello Kitty a very special and limited edition and things related to Alice in Wonderland.
It is working, let's see what will be my next strategy when I move to another city.

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