sexta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2017

📋 Cool things I like about living in Germany,

that I actually thought I wouldn't like...

You grow up in a society and the society grows up in you, what means that several little, and big, rules of living together become part of yourself. Who would guess that I actually feel relief giving up on certain habits we have in Brazil. Here are some :

- You don't kiss people on the cheek (well you do, if you know the person, or if you want, but it is not a problem if you don't want, just 'give the hand')

- You have to leave a party/event? You don't have to start 30 minutes earlier so you can say goodbye to everybody, also people will not ask you to "stay a bit longer" and engage in a new topic. You can just politelly wave and LEAVE! 👋 (ok, now with some friends that either lived in Brazil, or Latin America, or like latino culture, I need some minutes to just say goodbye)

- Everything has their right time: Lebkuchen is awesome, it smells like Christmas, is sweet, cute. It is a shame that you can only buy it between end of November and Dezember. Or Glühwein, you should only drink it during Weihnachtsmarkt time. I used to think like that, but now I know that that´s what makes them so special. If we could have it any time, half of the fun would be gone.

- Picnic. Maybe that was just not my thing, but I would prefer to go to a restaurant or bar with friends than to seat on the grass and have snacks. But now I even carry a little grill on my bicycle! A long summer day drinking Radler with a lot of different people, sound cooler than bars.

- Mixing alcohol with water or soda. First time I heard about it I was incredulous; "Beer with coke?" but beer with soda our lemon juice is awesome. Specially good to avoid hangover, at least for me!

My list will still grow, but what about yours? Would you add something?

sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2017

Incredible things Germans do when biking

First of all, most of the things here are no recommendable, although pretty awesome, they are also dangerous.
One time a girl biking in front of me on a busy street dropped her purse and we almost had an accident, luckly I always keep a big distance.
After the shock I screamed a bit at her and follow my path.
Yesterday I biked for the first time from my house to the main station of Munich, something around 6 kilometers away, I realized I need to buy me a helmet.
All my daily experience biking made me thing about the following drawing:

terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

Happy End

Just I quick update.
Now I live happily with my boyfriend and a fluffy-cute toilet paper.

quinta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2017

The first thing I'm gonna buy when I move to a flat alone with my boyfriend

The first thing I'm gonna buy when I move to a flat alone with my boyfriend, and not share with other 3 people, is a package of this very expensive-fluffy-ocean scented toilet paper.
When other people, that you are not related, are also using what you buy I don't see a point in expending money with nice stuff, even if it means cleaning myself with recycled toilet paper.
The same applies to other items in the household.

terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2017

I guess we are not kids anymore

With life expectancy reaching 100 years old we are taking longer to become adults. The thirties are the new twenties and we try, hopelessly, to hold on to our last moments as "teens." I am totally gilt of doing that.

The "oh-my-God-I-am-old" moment came with my 30th birthday, not only because this number is emblematic for women, but also because from this moment on you are obligated to contribute as a "grown-up." I was in the middle of my masters degree in Germany, looking for an internship, and one of the perks of being a student was the cheaper insurance and the free-of-charge bank account. But that was only until the twenties were over, after that my insurance doubled and my bank was not so nice anymore.

"oh that's cool, now you should start acting like an adult, even if you cannot find a job, you have to pay the grown-up's fee."

Probably I will have to work until 95 before I can retire, being optimistic, but still it is expected that I enter the adults life, suddenly, with terrible welcome presents.

And don't let me even start to narrate other people's opinion about my biological clock.
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