terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2013

Miscellaneous - October and November in Germany

In 2 months I saw the temperature drop from 25°C to -1°C, leaves falling down, sun disappearing...
But I´ve met smart and cool people, visited beautiful places...

Most important, I´ve found a website where I can watch series for free! Here the copyright law is very strict!

Glüwein at Hochheim markt

that´s why I´ve chosen Heidelberg

My favourite view (where the heart is....)

hahaha, I love it!!!

Primark is crazy

Media mkt, haven´t seen a store like that since....I don´t know...2003?

Heidelberg, Schilierbach

Heidelberg - Schilierbach

Italian dinner

View from the S4

Karl Jasper Girls

Magdaleine came and has a new friend

Heidelberg Schloss

domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013

Hochheimer Markt - My very first market

On the first weekend of november, a 500 years-old fair takes place in the lovely city of Hochheim am Main, Hesse. It is one of the biggest markets in Germany with more than 400.000 visitors during the five days of the event.
My favourite part was the medieval tents, with people dressed up, pigs being cooked, artists, bonfires. 

They also had an amusement park with rides e prizes really cute!

quinta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2013

Blutsgeschwister Store

So I´ve just finished one presentation about Chinese Coolies and I am feeling more relaxed, and I also have a few minutes before my bus to Frankfurt so I can write here about a very cute brand I discovered while shopping in the Zeil street.
I was wondering around those cute shops when three girls dressed in funny clothes came and gave me a pamphlet about a store. I don´t read german, yet, but I could understand that there would be free goodies, it is the international language, girls can always understand words like: free, samples, try, present, I risk to say that even in chinese I can understand that, really!
They were wearing those cute hats with the symbols of the brand: trust, love and hope. It took us 10 pictures to get a good one from the three of us, still, I don´t think we have it:

Ok, back to my history, I went there for my free gift and I felt in love, everything is soooo cute, the present was a lovely eco bag (soooo handy in Gemany), and I realized I could take some pictures for the blog I am contributing, El Ropero, and also for my blog. So I asked the manager, Gabe, the girl in the middle and went back for a photo session, that took me almost three hours!! It was really cool, lots of fun dressing all those clothes, now the pictures:

The website is this one http://shop.blutsgeschwister.de/
And let me catch that bus!

Bis bald!

terça-feira, 29 de outubro de 2013

Don´t forget me!!Days fly by here!

It´s impossible to update my blog here, heavy classes, more than hundred pages per week for each class (4), comments to write, presentations to make, german classes ( I´ve started for real yesterday), Bauch, Beine und Po classes (in Brasil we call GAP = gluteos, abdomên e pernas), still sharing my week between Heidelberg and Frankfurt, which is amazing and taking care of my own stuff= food, clothes... It is not easy to grow up, I know, but it is also great to be by myself, what I love about my student´s life is that I can hang out with my new friends in a very relaxed way. We eat at the Menza, we talk about classes, we exchange visions about our worlds and about Deutschland.
Also I will be moving next week to a different city...If it was Brazil it would mean one hour commuting, stress, I would be scared to walk on the streets at night, but no, here it means 6 min by train and 10 walking and no stress.

Funny fact, there is a construction going on in the square near my campus and guess what, the men working there don´t try to hit on you, don´t do noises or say things, I love it, some brazilians need to learn that they can keep their mouth shut!
More pictures coming and posts about stores, Ikea expedition, another castle, Fall... Stay Tuned!

domingo, 20 de outubro de 2013

Eltville am Rhein and Mönchbruchmühle

Saturday had a very good weather so we went to Eltville to visit the castle, take some pictures and drink some wine (to eat pretzel and wurst, sure).
The region is well known for its vineyards, so we sat next to the Rhine river and tasted some wines.

On sunday, the weather was rainny and cold, the normal feature for Germany, but we did a quick walk through the forest in Mönchbruchmühle ( I can´t pronounce that name). 
The leaves will be gone next week, but they are still green, what is a shame, I love to see them red and then yellow.

quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Seckenberg Museum of Natural History

Last sunday was rainny and cold, so a good day to visit a museum, we went to the dinossaur´s one, and I bet we were the oldest kids there!
I like natural history, the one in New York is my favourite, but I really enjoyed this one in Frankfurt.

especial for my friends here that have no idea what Buzios are....

Cute japanese family! I was in love with the little girl! She was all the time "otousan, mitte!"

Look, it´s meeee

just a small fish!

For my friends that love cats

Brazil was represented with a lot of beautiful rocks

Senckenberganlage 25  60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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