terça-feira, 29 de outubro de 2013

Don´t forget me!!Days fly by here!

It´s impossible to update my blog here, heavy classes, more than hundred pages per week for each class (4), comments to write, presentations to make, german classes ( I´ve started for real yesterday), Bauch, Beine und Po classes (in Brasil we call GAP = gluteos, abdomên e pernas), still sharing my week between Heidelberg and Frankfurt, which is amazing and taking care of my own stuff= food, clothes... It is not easy to grow up, I know, but it is also great to be by myself, what I love about my student´s life is that I can hang out with my new friends in a very relaxed way. We eat at the Menza, we talk about classes, we exchange visions about our worlds and about Deutschland.
Also I will be moving next week to a different city...If it was Brazil it would mean one hour commuting, stress, I would be scared to walk on the streets at night, but no, here it means 6 min by train and 10 walking and no stress.

Funny fact, there is a construction going on in the square near my campus and guess what, the men working there don´t try to hit on you, don´t do noises or say things, I love it, some brazilians need to learn that they can keep their mouth shut!
More pictures coming and posts about stores, Ikea expedition, another castle, Fall... Stay Tuned!

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