sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

Just wondering around, I need to learn german asap!

I had the friday off to walk around the city center of Frankfurt and to try the new german words I´ve learned.
I also had the mission to check what the girls are wearing this fall, because it will probably inspire the brazilian fashion for next winter. And I will post it on elropero.com.
One amazing fact, I can wear my Timberland boots with almost everything, because that´s what they do here, adventurous yet feminine...

So I took pictures of some Graffitis I am really used to see, they have them all over the city because this year Brazil is guest of honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair that will be taken place next week. Funny, for more than four years I saw Zezao on my way to work, in Perdizes, and now I can see it again, look how awsome it is:

You can get the map and search for the graffitis! http://www.schirn.de/en/Map.html
Some more pictures of the buildings:

After hours of walking I decided to grab something to eat, problem! I don´t understand the name of the things, ok, maybe wurst and pommes, but it is a nightmare to try to communicate, when I was shopping at Primark Store, I went to the dressing room, and the young woman that was designating the rooms told me I could only try acht pieces, the numbers I understand, but when I asked her to leave some clothes separated she screamed if somebody there could understand english, a espanish woman came and just told me "yes livi you tings hier, back later".
So after this episode I wasn´t feeling like expressing my self in mimics, that´s why I went to McDonald´s, I know the numbers, I know "normal coca-cola", I could do it with no harm.
"Bitte, nummer eins mit normal coca"
"Aw, you want Big mac with the meal?" Asked the girl in a good english "That would be 5,90 Euro"
She gives me the burger, french fries, and that´s it.
" And my soda can be regular coke"
"What? For soda you have to pay 40 cents more"
"Not a problem, here they are, I thought the meal comes with soda"
" Whatever, just go." And gives me the coke. I can´t understand what happened until now.
I had my meal, a little girl asked me for money, inside the mcdonald´s, which, by the way is a dirty and awfull place, and was relaxing when two young guys entered looking for a place to sit, pushing all the trays away, because here there are no people doing those small jobs, but without them, the costumer needs to e polite and throw your garbage away, what doesn´t happen that often, and I looked at them and tryed one more time:
"Entschuldigung, bitte!"
And I gave them some space, they were so surprised and happy, and I was happy too, because I know they are stupid and easy words, but I have to try anyway!

2 comentários:

❤ Kakao ❤ disse...

Não se preocupe, Ju, qdo menos vc esperar ja vai estar entendendo td e vai voltar falando alemão (nussa, mas deve ser dificil pra caramba!!)
Aproveite mto, to aqui torcendo pra dar td certo e ser uma experiência incrìvel!!

Amanda Osti da Silva disse...

Precisamos treinar alemão, Juuu! Vc me ensina o alemão das ruas e eu ensino a Deutsch Grammatik!!
Bjks, sdds!

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