segunda-feira, 14 de outubro de 2013

Orientation Week- Starting to get used to University life

me, Aki-chan and Chisako

I was aware that my first days here would be tough, I only had one friend in the city, and not only because my poor german, I still needed to orientate myself. It is a small city compared to my hometown, but it is very different too. Old buildings, old streets and the campi are scattered throughout the city, bike or bus are necessary.

All the important information, in german! =(

At the first orientation day, I met another brazilian, so, I as expected, we are two girls from São Paulo, the rest of my colleagues are a mixture between koreans, japanese, chinese, americans (I was surprised and happy with that) and we are mostly women, I would say 80% of the TS students are girls! I am ok with that.
After trying to memorize some names, drinking cheap beer at the mensa I went home, happier than in the beginning of the day.
Wednesday we had some more instructions, the systems here are a bit confusing and old fashioned, with weird lists and passwords, did I mention that I am still waiting for the passwords of my bank account and for my student´s ID? All the girls laughed at me...Seems that I am the only one waiting...
After the instruction the girls started to dissipate, it was not even three o´clock, so I invited them to kaffee und Kuchen, coffee and cake, and our table was really something, me, 3 americans, 2 japanese and 2 coreans, I was almost feeling like in Toronto, doing a language course...hahaha
Basically I am improving my english skills in talking about cultural differences, remembering japanese, and suffering to understand german, until tomorrow, when my classes will start for real.
Thursday was the last day and we visited another campus, a very far one, but where the gymnastics classes are held, so really important things, I am willing to practice some sports, the free classes, off course, like Capoeira, Salsa, Badminton. But I still need to set up my schedule for college, we are responsables for making our own curriculum, so we need to look very carefully.
And the best thing of the week, I got a room at the student´s housing, cheap but with not tha many utillities, I will have to use the internet at the library.

Now, heading  to Frankfurt center to make some pictures of a cool store.

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