quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Lost in Translation

One week here and I have some thoughts I really need to share, now I understand how the immigrants from Japan felt when they first went to Brazil in 1908, ok maybe not like them, because they went there to work on planting and were restricted to their circle, so I would say I am feeling like the new Chinese immigrants, having to work in the stores in the big cities and having to commute from home to work, attend costumers, shopping for food, and everything else in a mix of mimics, loose words in a funny accent.
I think I am more similar to the asian people here, then to the English/Spanish speaking foreigners because deutsch sounds like nothing though like a lot of languages I know, to make fun of myself, I am drawing a chart:

It is just a joke, impression of what I heard, Fyi: Bless you, excuse me and speed limit are the words in red.

They say you need 10 thousands hours doing something to become good at it, I wasn´t sure where my life would take me, so I have never considered that I would actually come here. In fact I have, but you never know if things will end up the way you expect, and I try not to create high expectations, what leads us to the beginning of this paragraph, I wanted to come here, to learn Deutsch, and was intending to start studying in December last year, in fact I did, but only had 3 hours, this year as soon as I was aware that my University had accepted my application, I started looking for a course, but the best one in São Paulo is also the more expensive one, there are some cheaper ones, but it would take me at least six months to start learning something and I only had six weeks to do it.
I tried to appeal to the language exchange group that the Couch Surfing São Paulo has. And I´ve met the coolest Tandem partner ever. But, still not enough!  My first week here was exactly like the movie with Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray, in fact he was here, because I’ve watched, and loved, his movie Hyde Park am Hudson. Audio: English, subtitles: Deutsch. To make things worse, or to make it better because English is more similar than Portuguese, I speak a second language almost 75% of my time, my Muttersprache only with my host friend.

Me with my german speaking friends, they make fun of me and I just laugh

Lesson learned, if you want to make life easier, go to a country that speaks your own language, or study it before, but if you want to live very interesting moments and really effort yourself, hold your breath and jump right in!  

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