terça-feira, 29 de outubro de 2013

Don´t forget me!!Days fly by here!

It´s impossible to update my blog here, heavy classes, more than hundred pages per week for each class (4), comments to write, presentations to make, german classes ( I´ve started for real yesterday), Bauch, Beine und Po classes (in Brasil we call GAP = gluteos, abdomên e pernas), still sharing my week between Heidelberg and Frankfurt, which is amazing and taking care of my own stuff= food, clothes... It is not easy to grow up, I know, but it is also great to be by myself, what I love about my student´s life is that I can hang out with my new friends in a very relaxed way. We eat at the Menza, we talk about classes, we exchange visions about our worlds and about Deutschland.
Also I will be moving next week to a different city...If it was Brazil it would mean one hour commuting, stress, I would be scared to walk on the streets at night, but no, here it means 6 min by train and 10 walking and no stress.

Funny fact, there is a construction going on in the square near my campus and guess what, the men working there don´t try to hit on you, don´t do noises or say things, I love it, some brazilians need to learn that they can keep their mouth shut!
More pictures coming and posts about stores, Ikea expedition, another castle, Fall... Stay Tuned!

domingo, 20 de outubro de 2013

Eltville am Rhein and Mönchbruchmühle

Saturday had a very good weather so we went to Eltville to visit the castle, take some pictures and drink some wine (to eat pretzel and wurst, sure).
The region is well known for its vineyards, so we sat next to the Rhine river and tasted some wines.

On sunday, the weather was rainny and cold, the normal feature for Germany, but we did a quick walk through the forest in Mönchbruchmühle ( I can´t pronounce that name). 
The leaves will be gone next week, but they are still green, what is a shame, I love to see them red and then yellow.

quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Seckenberg Museum of Natural History

Last sunday was rainny and cold, so a good day to visit a museum, we went to the dinossaur´s one, and I bet we were the oldest kids there!
I like natural history, the one in New York is my favourite, but I really enjoyed this one in Frankfurt.

especial for my friends here that have no idea what Buzios are....

Cute japanese family! I was in love with the little girl! She was all the time "otousan, mitte!"

Look, it´s meeee

just a small fish!

For my friends that love cats

Brazil was represented with a lot of beautiful rocks

Senckenberganlage 25  60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

segunda-feira, 14 de outubro de 2013

Orientation Week- Starting to get used to University life

me, Aki-chan and Chisako

I was aware that my first days here would be tough, I only had one friend in the city, and not only because my poor german, I still needed to orientate myself. It is a small city compared to my hometown, but it is very different too. Old buildings, old streets and the campi are scattered throughout the city, bike or bus are necessary.

All the important information, in german! =(

At the first orientation day, I met another brazilian, so, I as expected, we are two girls from São Paulo, the rest of my colleagues are a mixture between koreans, japanese, chinese, americans (I was surprised and happy with that) and we are mostly women, I would say 80% of the TS students are girls! I am ok with that.
After trying to memorize some names, drinking cheap beer at the mensa I went home, happier than in the beginning of the day.
Wednesday we had some more instructions, the systems here are a bit confusing and old fashioned, with weird lists and passwords, did I mention that I am still waiting for the passwords of my bank account and for my student´s ID? All the girls laughed at me...Seems that I am the only one waiting...
After the instruction the girls started to dissipate, it was not even three o´clock, so I invited them to kaffee und Kuchen, coffee and cake, and our table was really something, me, 3 americans, 2 japanese and 2 coreans, I was almost feeling like in Toronto, doing a language course...hahaha
Basically I am improving my english skills in talking about cultural differences, remembering japanese, and suffering to understand german, until tomorrow, when my classes will start for real.
Thursday was the last day and we visited another campus, a very far one, but where the gymnastics classes are held, so really important things, I am willing to practice some sports, the free classes, off course, like Capoeira, Salsa, Badminton. But I still need to set up my schedule for college, we are responsables for making our own curriculum, so we need to look very carefully.
And the best thing of the week, I got a room at the student´s housing, cheap but with not tha many utillities, I will have to use the internet at the library.

Now, heading  to Frankfurt center to make some pictures of a cool store.

sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

Just wondering around, I need to learn german asap!

I had the friday off to walk around the city center of Frankfurt and to try the new german words I´ve learned.
I also had the mission to check what the girls are wearing this fall, because it will probably inspire the brazilian fashion for next winter. And I will post it on elropero.com.
One amazing fact, I can wear my Timberland boots with almost everything, because that´s what they do here, adventurous yet feminine...

So I took pictures of some Graffitis I am really used to see, they have them all over the city because this year Brazil is guest of honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair that will be taken place next week. Funny, for more than four years I saw Zezao on my way to work, in Perdizes, and now I can see it again, look how awsome it is:

You can get the map and search for the graffitis! http://www.schirn.de/en/Map.html
Some more pictures of the buildings:

After hours of walking I decided to grab something to eat, problem! I don´t understand the name of the things, ok, maybe wurst and pommes, but it is a nightmare to try to communicate, when I was shopping at Primark Store, I went to the dressing room, and the young woman that was designating the rooms told me I could only try acht pieces, the numbers I understand, but when I asked her to leave some clothes separated she screamed if somebody there could understand english, a espanish woman came and just told me "yes livi you tings hier, back later".
So after this episode I wasn´t feeling like expressing my self in mimics, that´s why I went to McDonald´s, I know the numbers, I know "normal coca-cola", I could do it with no harm.
"Bitte, nummer eins mit normal coca"
"Aw, you want Big mac with the meal?" Asked the girl in a good english "That would be 5,90 Euro"
She gives me the burger, french fries, and that´s it.
" And my soda can be regular coke"
"What? For soda you have to pay 40 cents more"
"Not a problem, here they are, I thought the meal comes with soda"
" Whatever, just go." And gives me the coke. I can´t understand what happened until now.
I had my meal, a little girl asked me for money, inside the mcdonald´s, which, by the way is a dirty and awfull place, and was relaxing when two young guys entered looking for a place to sit, pushing all the trays away, because here there are no people doing those small jobs, but without them, the costumer needs to e polite and throw your garbage away, what doesn´t happen that often, and I looked at them and tryed one more time:
"Entschuldigung, bitte!"
And I gave them some space, they were so surprised and happy, and I was happy too, because I know they are stupid and easy words, but I have to try anyway!

quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Lost in Translation

One week here and I have some thoughts I really need to share, now I understand how the immigrants from Japan felt when they first went to Brazil in 1908, ok maybe not like them, because they went there to work on planting and were restricted to their circle, so I would say I am feeling like the new Chinese immigrants, having to work in the stores in the big cities and having to commute from home to work, attend costumers, shopping for food, and everything else in a mix of mimics, loose words in a funny accent.
I think I am more similar to the asian people here, then to the English/Spanish speaking foreigners because deutsch sounds like nothing though like a lot of languages I know, to make fun of myself, I am drawing a chart:

It is just a joke, impression of what I heard, Fyi: Bless you, excuse me and speed limit are the words in red.

They say you need 10 thousands hours doing something to become good at it, I wasn´t sure where my life would take me, so I have never considered that I would actually come here. In fact I have, but you never know if things will end up the way you expect, and I try not to create high expectations, what leads us to the beginning of this paragraph, I wanted to come here, to learn Deutsch, and was intending to start studying in December last year, in fact I did, but only had 3 hours, this year as soon as I was aware that my University had accepted my application, I started looking for a course, but the best one in São Paulo is also the more expensive one, there are some cheaper ones, but it would take me at least six months to start learning something and I only had six weeks to do it.
I tried to appeal to the language exchange group that the Couch Surfing São Paulo has. And I´ve met the coolest Tandem partner ever. But, still not enough!  My first week here was exactly like the movie with Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray, in fact he was here, because I’ve watched, and loved, his movie Hyde Park am Hudson. Audio: English, subtitles: Deutsch. To make things worse, or to make it better because English is more similar than Portuguese, I speak a second language almost 75% of my time, my Muttersprache only with my host friend.

Me with my german speaking friends, they make fun of me and I just laugh

Lesson learned, if you want to make life easier, go to a country that speaks your own language, or study it before, but if you want to live very interesting moments and really effort yourself, hold your breath and jump right in!  

terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

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