terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2013

Miscellaneous - October and November in Germany

In 2 months I saw the temperature drop from 25°C to -1°C, leaves falling down, sun disappearing...
But I´ve met smart and cool people, visited beautiful places...

Most important, I´ve found a website where I can watch series for free! Here the copyright law is very strict!

Glüwein at Hochheim markt

that´s why I´ve chosen Heidelberg

My favourite view (where the heart is....)

hahaha, I love it!!!

Primark is crazy

Media mkt, haven´t seen a store like that since....I don´t know...2003?

Heidelberg, Schilierbach

Heidelberg - Schilierbach

Italian dinner

View from the S4

Karl Jasper Girls

Magdaleine came and has a new friend

Heidelberg Schloss

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Patty disse...

Estou adorando acompanhar suas aventuras :)

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