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Strategies to overcome Heimweh

German can be considered an awful language (here I agree with Mark Twain) but it offers us wonderful expressions like:

Picture of Anhangabaú in São Paulo, 3 minutes before a heavy storm, nothing is more "São Paulo" than a torrential rain.

It comes from “Heim” as home and part of the verb “wehtun,” that means to hurt or ache. And many times I have this feeling that is not exactly melancholy, well Heimweh it is. And I felt it really strong after spending awesome 44 days with my family and friends.

I heard that the match is basic: " the longer you stay 'home' the hardest it is to reconnect to your new home." It made sense, when you are visiting a place you oversee the bad parts and getting used to a routine makes it hard to recover.

So my tatics were:

- Do as fast as possible, and as many as possible the things you love and that made you decide for the new place. What I do: I go hiking, or biking. Reading a book close to the river or park, having a coffee with friends and having fun with my boyfriend.

- Focus on your decision. You decided to move abroad because of working opportunities, for learning a new language, to have a better life qualty...There are many reasons, some are sad like escaping war or poverty, so whatever it migh be, focus on it! 

- Try to maintain a good relationship with friends and family back "home," you can be far away, but they will still help you when you are felling Heimweh. So you all you can, Skype, Whatsapp, Instagram.

Now I want to know, what are your strategies?

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