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Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein is the symbol of German Idealism, according to the brochure I got at the Castle, maybe it means that the castle in it´s crazy mixture, it´s a thing apart from anything else, walking through the halls is letting yourself be surprised by details that we would never expect to see together, but that within this context, a castle that went out from a fairy tale, makes sense and causes comotion. Each room has one or more stories on its walls, some, and romanticism. It also represents the psiqué of its owner, a romantic dreamer, as some people say, Ludwig II.
I was interested about going there because my former boss, Walt Disney, was inspired by this particular castle to build Cinderella´s at Walt Disney World.

A picture of the König Ludwig II of Bavaria

Bottom: Hohenschwangau Castle

Ludwig only stayed there less than 140 days, because in 1886 he was found dead with his psychiatrist, funny fact, after only six weeks of his death, the castle was open to visitors, a solution to pay the loans he owned.
Things I enjoyed: the castle has running water, a cave (that really reminds me of Disney) next to his bedroom, a telephone (! I wonder if he made the first long distance call ), floors that were never finished, a room for ophera and the Throne Room, my favourite. We can´t take pictures inside the castle, what is a shame, but at least you can find some pictures online. Like this one, a painting of St George ( I couldn´t help thinking about my family and Corinthians!!!!):

St George killing the dragon. Mural in
the Throne Hall, W. Kolmsberger, 1884

I liked the tour, but it is a bit short, you don´t have time to look at all the paintings. Another group is right behind you, Neuschwanstein has a lot of visitors everyday and it only closes for a few times per year.
Worth it.

I was sure I would find somebody from Brazil =)

A model of the castle

Outside the castle with the damn fog

The nature around 

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