quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2013

One day in Frankfurt - Kartoffel, Käse und Wurst

Ok, most of you don´t know it, but I came to Germany to start my Master´s degree. I didn´t want to tell it before because I wanted to have everything settled before telling everyone, but better late then never!
My third day here and I´ve decided to enjoy the city, also to visit where Deutschland was founded, and the other University I applied for my new degree. We had lunch at the farmer´s fair and I tryed the apple wine.
City Hall

 Eiserner Steg, a bridge where people "lock their love" sooo original, the last two pictures, the stock market.

 Sausages, meat, I tryed almost everything I could!

The Goethe University
Alte Oper ( Old Opera)

And today I bought my first book with german grammar, oh Gosh!

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